Stanley  W  Sargent 
Branch Manager
    Suite 900
    MELBOURNE,  FL  32901

    Phone: (321) 729-8600

MELBOURNE Branch Office
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Merrill Lynch Branch Office

Branch Office Profile

A Merrill Lynch Financial Advisor can offer you personalized wealth management, banking and investment services and advice. We are dedicated to helping clients in Central Florida and beyond grow and preserve wealth, optimize liquidity, and manage debt and savings through even the most difficult economic periods, including local challenges such as cutbacks in the space program. When you work with one of our Financial Advisors—each of which is teamed with a Bank of America Wealth Management Banker—you’ll have access to an extensive platform of services and tools designed to help you take advantage of opportunities when they arise. We begin the process with a series of in-depth meetings and conversations to help us review your financial concerns and understand how you expect your financial life to evolve. This can be of particular value to anyone who is undergoing a career transition or contemplating retirement. We recognize that each client has his or her own values, objectives and goals and that they may be different from generation to generation. We face this challenge consistently and we are innovative in developing strategies that address both current needs and long-term legacy issues through portfolio development, liability management, tax minimization, asset protection and holistic banking strategies.

We also work with business clients through all stages of their lifecycle, from start-up to maturity. We offer customized advice intended to address all business financial needs, including a full range of flexible banking and cash management, short- and long-term financing, retirement plan programs and, ultimately, succession and one-time liquidity events. We are committed to meeting the unique needs of business owners, often meeting with key advisors such as attorneys, tax and insurance specialists and accountants, when requested. We function as a closely knit wealth management and banking team to help you benefit from the knowledge and insight of our entire group. We invite you to contact us to see for yourself how our objective, individualized advice and guidance may benefit you. To discover how a Merrill Lynch Financial Advisor can help you achieve your financial goals, contact the Resident Director listed above.

Client Commitment

Financial Advisors at this Location

  Don McGee
  Robert Maust
  Michael Welch
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